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We started with a dream!

Ever since we were young lads, we were obsessed with the traditional UK dish; Fish & Chips! When our family moved to NJ, we realized that there weren't many around and only a few worth mentioning. Our love and passion for Fish & Chips motivated us to make it our responsibility  to bring you the very best here in NJ.

We hire the very best cooks to bring you our secret Batter (that sticks to the fish like no other), our secret seasoning , and all of our handmade sauces will stimulate your taste buds!


People  love our Fish & Chips for four reasons! 

1. The crunch of our Fish 

2. Excellent Chipps

3. Seasoning like no other

4. Our mouth watering homemade sauces 


Come and enjoy! We would love to serve you what took us many years to master! 


Friendly Reviews

“My favorites have to be the mozzarella bites and the Mac and cheese bites.” - YELP REVIEWER

“O M F G!!! It's just like being back in Britain!!! " - YELP REVIEWER

“This place has the best fish and chips that I've eaten in my life." - YELP REVIEWER

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